Mongolian National Construction Association (MNCA) was founded in 2009 and represents the leading construction companies in Mongolia. The MNCA is independent, self-governed non-government organization (NGO) ruled by law of NGO of Mongolia and beneficial to its members and society with open and free-membership for individuals, NGOs, professional associations and economic entitities engaged in construction and urban development.


We focus on constituting of a business environment in construction industry, reflecting the members’ views and recommendations to the government policy, protecting the members’ interests, strengthening of public-private partnership, and providing with professional services.


We are carrying out our activities based on construction and urban development industry’s policies issued by the government and assisting the policy and lawmaking in construction development; constituting the business environment in construction industry, reflecting the requirements and recommendations issued by members into the construction and urban development industry’s policies, coordinating their relationship and protecting their legal rights and interests; organizing forums, dialogues, technical symposiums, meetings, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and trainings, guiding and assisting enterprises to improve their management abilities and governance, and developing and expanding the membership and cooperation at home and abroad.