Dear Project Management Community Members and Colleagues,

I appreciate that the number of PMI supporters, members, volunteers and partnering organizations is constantly growing for each year. I believe that highly skilled workforce such as project management professionals play a crucial role in any country’s development. The context of Mongolia has generated a need of implementing the vast number of projects covering major sectors in near future. In connection to this, the PMI Mongolia Chapter strives to achieve a new vision with aim to advance practice of project management in all sectors of Mongolia by preparing internationally qualified national project management professionals.

As making a contribution to the vision achievement, we are pleased to announce this year’s conference theme – “Advancing project management for national development”.  Our this year’s international project management conference will be organized by the PMI Mongolia Chapter on 6-7 October at Best Western hotel. As a honorary guest and participant, you will be spending your time by learning the best practices, trends and theories of international and national project management while meeting with fellow project practitioners, managers and project managers from various sectors.


Battulga Norolkhoojav