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About Mongolia


Mongolia is geographically, historically and culturally a unique nation in the world. Situated between the great desert of central Asia and Siberian taiga forests, Mongolia contains diversity of natural regions like no other country in the world; the Gobi desert in the south, vast steppe grasslands of the east, and the great taiga forests of Khentii, Khangai and the Khuvsgul mountains ranges. (A Hundred routes through Mongolia)


When you visit to Mongolia, you will be astonished by the hospitality of the locals and entertained by the vibrant city atmosphere and the beauty of the landscape in the countryside.


At this time of the year, it is possible to experience the country beauty with all fives senses: clear rivers, the fragrance of plants, the taste of local dishes, sky with thousands of stars at night and clear blue sky at daytime, twittering of many kinds of birds and the expense of vast steppe lands even with an overnight trip out in the nature.


Our PMI Mongolia chapter team will be happy to arrange short tours to the national parks near  Ulaanbaatar city upon your request.


Please kindly coordinate with our team member Ms. Chimgee Nergui for more detail information regarding the tour options. She will arrange all the logistics and operations of the tour. Ms. Chimgee  has been  working in the tourism & travel field since 2012. Below is her contact info: (email: or whatsapp +976 95970732 )


We wish you a pleasant stay in Mongolia,


PMI Mongolia Chapter


An eagle trainer in western Mongolia – an ethnic group called Kazakhs are known by their eagle training tradition; they train eagles from young age to hunt fox and rabbit during winter season.

Photo taken at the Khentii mountain range  of which ending point is named as “ Terelj National park” where you can find the legendary edelweiss flower  (80km away from Ulaanbaatar city)

Photo taken at the Giant Chinggis equestrian statue – it is known as the tallest one of its kind in the world. Such statue was built for the 800th anniversary of Great Mongol Empire. (40 km away from Ulaanbaatar city)